Our  most ambitious undertaking was to be a twenty-four hour survey near the mouth of Waihee Stream on the north coast of Maui on the western part of the island.
the mouth of the Waihee, looking across Kahului Bay toward the eastern Maui.
We would set up traps and camp near by, checking the traps measuring stream flow every two two hours over the course of the long day.  This process includes diurnal variation in the data collection and better characterizes stream aquatic activity.  Alas, this was not to be.  After we set our traps a bad squall came in from the north.  So much rain falls in these tropical squalls that even the diverted streams flood.  The shallow water we see above would quickly become a dangerous raging torrent, washing our nets and traps, and possibly some of us, out to sea.  
The shore just west of the mouth. So we packed up our gear the same afternoon and returned to Kihei.
We did collect some data and we surely enjoyed the location and the scenery, as we did every field location we worked.  The shore east of the mouth.

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