Details of the Model

These renderings are not quite up-to-date. I noticed a few things when I made them and corrected the model accordingly.


The image at left shows the pilothouse. I spent considerable time outfitting the pilothouse interior. Some of the details are visible through the side window.


The spiral staircase personnel hatch is further aft on the platform. My initial rendering of this area prompted some reconstruction of the hatch and I've added detail to the hatch plates.

The longboat has a different surface from the submarine but I've modified it from the earlier version. The deck storage compartment is visible across from the longboat.

Open personnel hatch


The views below show the relative size of the pilothouse and the lantern structure. The wheel is visible through the window. The small blocks on the hull in front of the pilothouse are part of my armor structure that is raised for ram attacks. Considerable detail is visible.

View aft through pilothouse

View forward toward pilothouse


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