Catalog Pop-ups not Loading?

The individual pop-up windows associated with the MetaStream knot and the Carrara animation icons stopped working for me in Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10.   Clicking the icon opened an empty white window of the correct size, but with no content.  When I enabled scripting error reporting I got a "tag is invalid" error.  

After some searching I found this unlikely fix (

1. Close all IE windows.
2. Start command prompt as Administrator. (Run “cmd” as Administrator)
3. Go to C:\Windows\system32, unregister docobj.dll (regsvr32 -u docobj.dll in the cmd window)
4. Go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer, register ieproxy.dll (regsvr32 ieproxy.dll)

Note that running as administrator (step 2) is necessary to complete the operation.

The Carrara animation pop-ups work in Firefox, but "click & drag" does not.  Use the arrow buttons.

Unfortunately, Firefox refuses to run the MetaStream plug-in.  I understand the plug-in does work using IE Tab Firefox add-on.

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